Stop installing additional programs with each download


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How many times have you realized that your web browser's home page has been changed after you installed some program that you downloaded from the Internet? How many programs have appeared on your computer seemingly out of nowhere - and because you actually gave your consent for them to be installed?

Unchecky is the solution that you need. It keeps you from accidentally installing unwanted applications and toolbars that are sometimes tacked on to the installation process for the tools that you do want.

Many people believe that they did not download such spam programs, and that they showed up on their computer for no reason, but the reality is that it is sometimes as simple as checking or unchecking the boxes that are there when you're installing a program - in other words, giving your consent for additional programs to be installed at the same time.

Unchecky works by automatically unchecking all of those boxes that want your permission to load junk onto your computer. It will save you many clicks when it comes to rejecting these 'special offers' - and many headaches when it comes to uninstalling all of those unneeded toolbars and programs.

The program will also alert you if an installer is secretly trying to add extra programs during the installation process.

The program updates automatically.

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